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    Top Reasons to Hire a Copywriter: See Success in Your Online Marketing

    As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. But in this age of information, it can be difficult to find the best way to do that. With so many options available for marketing your business, why hire a copywriter?

    At Maggie Writes Copy, we’re here for all your marketing needs and will do our best to guide you in the right direction. There are many considerations when hiring a copywriter.

    What is copywriting in marketing?

    Copywriting marketing vs. content marketing.

    Is artificial intelligence a replacement for copywriting?

    Why does SEO matter for copywriting?

    Finding an ethical copywriter.

    Let’s take a look at how you can elevate your site by hiring a copywriter.

    What Is Copywriting in Marketing?

    Back in the day, copy used forceful tactics to compel an audience to buy a product.1 Some copywriters continue to use these tactics to compel readers. But it is not the best way to market to your audience.

    Copywriting in marketing can be a slippery slope. While it can be easy to say whatever you think will get you a sale, it isn’t ethical. It’s important to use copywriting ethically to promote products or services that you believe in. That’s why most ethical copywriters are selective about what projects they take on.

    You’re thinking, all that is great, but what is copywriting in marketing? Copywriting uses compelling, emotional techniques highlighting the benefits of your product or service. It speaks directly to your audience.

    While some people think a picture is worth a thousand words, that isn’t always the case. Words hold a lot of power. Using them correctly can convert a browser into a buyer.

    But isn’t that what every website usually does?

    Features vs. Benefits – What’s the Big Deal?

    Most websites outline the features of their products or services rather than explaining the benefits. Let’s take a look at a simple example.

    Features vs Benefits of a pencil:

    Has eraserYou can erase your mistakes like you never made them
    CheapYou will be able to afford lots of pencils
    Can use different shades and line weightsMakes it easier to express feelings and emotions in your art
    Come in many colorsYou have variety so your work won’t be boring

    While these aren’t the only features and benefits of a pencil, you get the gist. Facts can be important. But people are drawn to benefits that portray how an object will affect them in everyday life. Giving them a direct snapshot can be powerful.

    If I showed you a photo of a pencil and gave you a list of features, you likely wouldn’t feel the need to click buy. But what if I gave you a list of benefits? And told you that the pencil was important because it affects your life significantly. You’re more likely to put it in your cart and hit buy.

    Copywriting in Marketing Can Be Powerful

    You may be surprised to realize how much copy is already used in marketing around you. Chances are you’ve been exposed to copy for your whole life. You just didn’t realize it. Copy has come a long way from the salesly, act now or miss out, copy that it used to always be.

    When you hire a copywriter who knows what they’re doing, your copy should inspire action. It should never feel slimy. A key element in copy is a call to action sprinkled throughout the copy. By the time your buyer makes it to the bottom of the page, they know exactly what their next action is.

    It becomes natural for them to take that step when they get there. But what are your other options when it comes to marketing?

    Copywriting vs. Content Marketing

    There is a misconception about copy that it doesn’t bring as much value to a reader as content marketing does. People believe that content marketing is more valuable because it teaches your audience.

    But content marketing leaves value on the table. When you give your audience value, you should be getting something back in return. Content doesn’t give your user a clear action at the end of their journey through the page. And this is where both you and your user are missing out.

    You believe that your product or service is of benefit to your target audience. So you should be helping them decide to buy. Good copy will combine content with a call to action and give you and your readers double the value.2

    Maybe you still have some questions about spending money on a copywriter though.

    Why Hire a Copywriter?

    Sometimes I get asked why my work is worth the fee I charge. One person told me, since they give me the background information about a product, I should charge less. And it got me thinking about my process. Some of the steps that go into copywriting:

    • Keyword research to find the phrases your target audience is searching for
    • Rearranging words into the right pattern to speak to your target audience
    • Rereading and rewriting many times to make sure I’m speaking in your brand’s voice
    • Editing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure Google features it
    • Paying a copyeditor to edit it. Two sets of eyes are better than one
    • Including a free round of edits so you get exactly what you want for your product

    The bottom line is, yes, you could write it yourself. And you may even do a good job. But a lot of skill, thought, and knowledge goes into writing a good piece of copy. You pay a mechanic to fix your car and you pay a doctor to prescribe your medicine. If you want copy that converts customers, you’ll pay a copywriter to write your call to action.

    But there are a lot of other resources out there that can help you with your business. Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems like a great alternative.

    Will AI Replace Copywriters?

    AI is becoming a hot topic in the world of business. While it has many uses, we’ll stick with how it relates to writing. The idea that a program can come up with a full article in seconds based on a prompt you give it is incredible. But there are quite a few drawbacks to artificial intelligence. These often aren’t mentioned. If you’ve ever played around with Chat GPT you may have found:

    • You have to continuously prompt it with new guidelines to get what you want out of it
    • It can be biased based on how its algorithm was written
    • It doesn’t add emotional techniques into its content, because it can’t feel emotions
    • The information it comes up with isn’t always true
    • Learning how to prompt it is a whole new skillset
    • Legal issues and questions have cropped up with ai generated content

    Artificial Intelligence can be a good tool to use in combination with your writing. It can do things like:

    • Generate possible headings
    • Check to see if you nailed the tone you were going for
    • Proofread your work
    • Give you an outline to follow
    • Give you metaphors to use

    At least for right now, it isn’t a replacement for good old-fashioned writing. But what sort of copywriter should you look for?

    Finding an SEO Copywriting Freelancer

    There are a lot of great Copywriters out there. Many of them know how to write spectacular copy. Copy that will have your browsers clicking buy within seconds of finding your site. But there’s the rub. Your audience has to have found you for that to happen. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important.

    Finding an SEO copywriting freelancer is imperative. They need to build SEO into their copy so that Google will feature your content. But also your user will still have a great experience on your site. If people can’t find your site, they can’t click buy. Regardless of how good the copy is.

    People often advertise themselves as an SEO copywriting service. But how do you tell if they know what they’re doing?

    SEO Guidelines that any SEO expert should know how to explain:

    • Using headings for specific keywords so Google knows what the article is about
    • NOT keyword stuffing
    • Providing backend SEO for you: Url slug, meta descriptions, alt text for images
    • Providing a separate title and H1
    • Using content pillar strategies
    • Backlinking

    Any SEO copywriting specialist should be able to walk you through these strategies. If you ever come across someone who talks about paying for links or keyword stuffing be wary.

    You want to use ethical (white hat) SEO tactics to boost your site to the top of Google. Not spammy (black hat) SEO tactics that can get your site penalized in the long run.

    There are lots of different metrics for finding the right copywriter. But the number one thing you should be on the lookout for is a copywriter who understands and believes in your business.

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      Hire a Copywriter Who Believes in Your Brand

      We’ve talked a lot about how copywriting can boost your marketing endeavors. And the skills you should look for in a copywriter. But one of the most important things you can do is find a copywriter who believes in you.

      A copywriter who doesn’t share the values of your brand will have a hard time meeting your marketing goals.

      Ethical copywriting means writing for brands you believe in. With your goal of authenticity and bringing value to your audience, it’s important to have the right team. One that stands for the same values.

      Copywriting is a marketing tool that many businesses aren’t taking advantage of.

      Importance of Copywriting in Marketing

      Good copy elevates your site. It gets it in front of your target audience. And it connects with your reader on an emotional level. You should include copywriting on your site. It makes a statement that you are an authority in your niche and a resource for your audience.

      At Maggie Writes Copy I write for every type of reader and hone in on what your target audience is. If you’re writing for everyone, you’re writing for no one. As an SEO copywriting service, I work hard to get you in front of that audience and then keep you in front of them.

      To level up your online marketing strategies it is time to hire a copywriter who believes in your brand. Has the skillset to shoot you to the top. And will give you authentic copy personalized to your needs. You should probably hire a copywriter – yesterday!

      There’s no time like the present. Set up your free consultation today so that you can reach your business goals tomorrow.


      1Compelling Copy – Swipe Files

      2Learn about Copywriting – Sarah Turner *Affiliate link. I wholeheartedly stand behind her copywriting course. There is no additional cost to you

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