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    Maggie Writes Copy

    Authentic Copywriting Service for Small Business and E-commerce

    Bringing new possibilities and momentum to your marketing
    Email Marketing || SEO Strategy

    Words hold incredible power for your business.


    How you communicate with your writing sets the tone for your clients.

    It builds the structure of your business. Gives customers their first taste of what they can expect from you. Even more important… it impacts how they interact with your products and services.

    Finally, words are the human element that connect with your audience on a deeper level.

    Building meaningful connections through words is so important these days. It’s about catching people’s attention and.then.holding.it.

    Not easy to do. But the good news is, that most businesses aren’t writing their own content and copy these days. Let’s face it, there just isn’t time.

    So how are you going to build those all-important connections with your buyers?

    The hard truth is you aren’t. But the good news is, it isn’t because you can’t form those relationships. It’s because you can (and should) hire a specialist to write done-for-you-copy. Make a bigger impact with your marketing by using strategy rather than taking a shot in the dark.


    Building your business assets strategically.


    With thousands of tasks on your to-do list, writing the copy for your business shouldn’t be one of them.

    Why? You ask.

    Because copywriting is a skill that takes time to master. And it can be incredibly hard to write strategically for your own brand. Getting an outside perspective that’s often closer to your target audience is incredibly beneficial.

    That outside perspective can lead to:

    • Words that land better with your target audience.
    • Writing that evokes an emotional response and gains conversions.
    • Copy that feels authentic and genuine, rather than salesy and spammy.

    Sound good? Now let’s talk about taking action…


    You’re here because you need a solution.


    You don’t have the time or resources to write copy to represent your business. Or your current copy isn’t quite landing the way you think it should.

    Whatever the reason, I’m here to support you every step of the way.

    Hi, I’m Maggie – your friendly country copywriter. I’ve been in your shoes. Frantically looking to scale a business but having no clue what to put my time and resources towards.

    I’m going to let you in on a secret… my time shouldn’t have gone towards building out copy and content, but it did. And it led me to this point right now. With a love for marketing and problem-solving for your business.

    Things that really light my fire? An audience-centered marketing approach that feels good for everyone.

    • Finding your audience where they’re at online.
    • Bringing your audience to you.
    • Keeping your audience engaged and invested in your business.
    • Building momentum for your business with action-oriented copy.
    • Analyzing results to fine-tune your marketing funnel.

    Marketing doesn’t have to feel like a neverending task. If you feel overwhelmed, understaffed, or ineffective when it comes to marketing – you’re not alone.

    But you don’t have to live with those feelings.


    Make copywriting work for your business.


    In a world that’s turning almost exclusively to the internet for solutions, you can be the answer.

    I’m not talking about posting 28 more times on social media this week. The online landscape is currently overrun with new trends, ads, and spam. So creating and sharing your genuine, authentic presence is more important than ever. It’s the key to standing out from the crowd.

    Your website and your email list are your biggest assets when it comes to building a genuine marketing strategy.

    I’m here to help you make the biggest impact with the tools you already have.

    Copywriting Portfolio

    Blog Copywriting

    Website Copywriting

    Website Copy

    Home Page Copy

    Website Copywriting

    Copywriting Testimonials

    Copywriting Services and Rates


    As an authentic copywriting service – nothing is more important to me than making sure that you get the results you need.

    When you work with me, you commit to success. Here are a few of the things that come along with it:

    • Quality work optimized for SEO.
    • Every article is heavily researched based on the leading experts in the field, as well as bringing my own expertise to quite a few subjects.
    • I format all my copy in an easy-to-read style that suits both skimmers and deep readers, and is perfect for Google to scan and promote.
    • From the snappy headline to a stirring call to action, your audience will be ready to commit to your company.

    Bundled Copywriting Services

    Full Service Email Marketing


    Let go of the day-to-day grind of email marketing. Done-for-you email marketing that connects and converts.

    Advanced SEO Strategy

    Advanced SEO Strategy


    Tired of sounding robotic to try and get page views? Speak to your audience authentically AND rank on Google.

    One-off Copywriting Projects


    01. Email Broadcasts and Email Sequences


    Have you been collecting emails but you don’t know what to do with them? Email sequences are a great strategy for getting people to your website.


    Some of the things an email sequence can accomplish:

    •  Builds a connection between you and your audience. This creates trust which leads to more sales.
    • Delivers results by getting your message to lots of people at the same time. Which again leads to more sales.
    • You’ll measure your email success with open rates, click rates, and sale rates. This means you will learn exactly what works with your audience and what needs tweaking.
    • Get more people on your website. Which means getting your message to more people AND also communicates to Google that you are relevant and increases your Google rankings and authority.
    Emails are a great way to reach out to your audience in their space. They are not on your turf (website), you are literally in their living room on their phone, tablet, or computer.
    Emails are an impactful way to increase engagement with your site and products
    Starting at $175 per email

    02. SEO Optimized Blogs


    Blogs matter for business. Why? You might ask. Blogs offer you a great way to:

    • Let Google know you are relevant so that Google will rank you higher. This will help increase your audience.
    • Now that your audience is bigger, blogs increase your authority in the eyes of your audience.
    • Because your audience views you as an authority in your niche, they are now visiting your site regularly.
    • The more times your target audience visits your site, the more you will reach them with your products, services, and solutions.
    • This means – Conversions!

    Blogs can be one of the most difficult items to keep up with on your website. Blogs take a lot of time and research on a continuous basis. You can’t just write one and be done. It’s easy to procrastinate writing your blog, editing it, and publishing it. Pretty soon, it turns into something you just.don’t.get.done. 


    But blogs are incredibly beneficial for your SEO. Publishing content routinely and regularly tells Google – and your audience – that you’re relevant and an authority in your industry.


    The best part? Your blog will bring in traffic for years to come.


    Let me take that off your plate and give you more time to devote to your life or your business.


    Blogs are recommended for companies that want to take a long term strategy that will pay off for years to come. Once blogs are written and Google indexes them, they will continue working for you for years. And bring in traffic with very little maintenance required. This is why blogs are a popular choice. I use SEO tactics in the blogs I write, without keyword stuffing.


    Starting at $500 for a 1500-word blog

    03. SEO-OPTIMIZED website copy


    Are you building a website and don’t know what to put in it? The first thing a client or customer often sees is your home page. It is a critical aspect for sharing your brand with your customers and telling them what their next step should be after arriving.


    Website copy should:

    •  Accurately convey your brand to your audience.
    • Establish a connection with your audience so that you build trust with them.
    • Give your audience clear direction for what they are supposed to do now that they are on your site.
    • Use compelling techniques to speak to your ideal customer so they convert to buyers.
    Website copy is a great starting point to add value to your website. Not only does website copy get you a bigger audience when properly integrated with SEO. But it also speaks directly to your target customer and tells them exactly what it is they are supposed to do on your site.
    In order to create website copy that will be successful and get you conversions, it’s important to know who your target audience is, and what you want them to do. With those two key pieces I can create copy for you that will cause your website to speak to your customers and do well in Google’s search  engine.
    Starting at $500 for 800-1000 words

    04. SEO Content Strategy


    Done–for–you keyword research. For those who want months worth of content planning taken off your plate. And a targeted strategy to start ranking for keywords. This is my *most popular service!

    This goes hand in hand with our blog service. But you are also free to write your own blogs or use a writer in house and still get most of the benefits when implemented correctly.

    Learn what you’re already ranking for with your site and what keywords to target with new or existing posts and pages. 


    Starting at $1000

    05. SEO-optimized website


    Having a website is a major step into the business and marketing world. 


    These days, when a person wants to find a product, their first step is to Google what they are looking for. If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on some major traffic and organic business, that could have been helping you meet your business goals.


    Platforms I build on based on your needs, experience, and goals:

    • Squarespace: the most beginner-friendly for keeping updated yourself.
    • WordPress with Elementor: A more beginner-friendly WordPress page builder. Depending on your tech-savvy skills you may be able to learn how to self update.
    • WordPress with GeneratePress and Generate Blocks: Will give you a much faster site than using Elementor but will be more difficult if you want to do self-updates.

    Get your website built with SEO best practices in mind. It needs to look great AND function properly to get the traffic you deserve.


    The internet is wildly powerful these days and it’s important that you are making it work for you. Inquire for more details.


    Starting at $4000

    *Be sure to inquire about our bundling and retainer rates. Learrn about my Email Marketing & SEO Copywriting Services.

    ** I maintain a project minimum of $1000.

    quality copywriting service

    Maggie Schlegel

    Hi there! My name is Maggie Schlegel. I'm a Copywriter, Entrepreneur, and a full-time mom. I like to keep busy and one of the things that I am passionate about is helping people realize their business dreams with my Copy.

    If people can't find your website, they can't buy your product. I use strong SEO tactics and persuasive writing to ensure your website reaches your target audience and brings results.

    My background is chock-full of experiences that help me to connect with people on an individual level through my writing. I grew up all over the United States and even lived overseas for a time.

    Experiencing such diversity early on in life sparked my love of connecting with people and also provided a stepping stone for learning to love writing as a form of communication. And it's the stepping stone to where I am today, here in this venture with you.

    Certified Copywriter

    A Certified Copywriter

    “Write Your Way to Freedom is a prestigious comprehensive copywriting program. In order to become certified, students must complete the extensive program, take advantage of the support available to them, and build businesses that get their clients results. Certified students have learned effective copywriting techniques and use these techniques in an ethical way. Plus, they have access to continued education and support throughout their copywriting career.”

    P.S. In 2024, Write Your Way to Freedom – ranked #24 in Education by the INC. 5,000 list!

    Let's collaborate to elevate your website and email marketing!

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