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    Learn the Universal Strategy of SEO – Get in Front of Your Target Audience Online… Easily.

    Even if you know nothing about Search Engine Optimization... yet.

    Unlock your path to easy organic traffic without spending thousands on SEO courses or specialists.

    You have the solution to your customer’s problems.

    Now it’s time to get in front of them organically.


    Remember when you first published your website and felt proud your business was finally going public? Then things didn’t quite go as planned… because no one showed up to it.


    A few site visitors here and there, but minimal organic traffic. Your frustration only increased after hiring experts who didn’t measurably increase your online presence.


    That’s exactly what I experienced… and it led to me publishing SEO for Beginners.

    SEO for Beginners

    You DON’T need to become an SEO expert.


    If you’re like many business owners, you’ve experienced the stress of making countless decisions about your website with limited knowledge of best practices. Not only is this stressful, it’s scary – online visibility can make or break your business.

    Knowing how to set your site up as an authority with Google AND your audience is tricky. You’re not alone in your fears. Many business owners struggle with organic online visibility.


    That’s why I wrote SEO for Beginners – How to Harness the Power of Google for Your Business. It’s a simple solution designed specifically for business owners. 

    This ebook isn’t another overwhelming course with too many solutions to your problems. It’s also not another SEO “Specialist” who takes your money every month… with nothing to show for it in a year. 

    It’s a comprehensive resource that will teach you step-by-step how to build your site’s SEO, or at least know how to recognize whether your “specialist” actually knows what they’re doing.

    Strategy for SEO

    You DO need to learn enough to put your business on the map… literally.


    SEO for Beginners – How to Harness the Power of Google for Your Business stands apart, offering a time-tested solution to increasing your organic traffic. 


    Unlike other courses, blogs, or info products, it doesn’t leave out the key step you need to succeed. It was written to contain ALL the information you need to create your SEO strategy and build your organic traffic. This is what makes it the simple solution for business owners building an organic audience.

    This Ebook contains everything you need to:

    Plan, Write, Format, and Build Your Organic Presence, with Ease

    Each feature is designed with business owners in mind. This means, maximum information to build your organic traffic without any extra fluff muddying the waters.

    Don’t Just Take My Word for It…

    See how SEO for Beginners helped this startup business get its site off the ground quickly and effectively:

    Maggie’s ebook “SEO for Beginners” was very informative and helpful. For someone who spends a lot of time searching the internet for the best way to “optimize” my site and get found. This gave me a one stop shop for getting my site off the ground and performing to its full potential. She defines many terms that seem like crazy gibberish and jargon to the layman. Turning them instead into actionable understandable and achievable goals. I recommend this for anyone who is just getting started, and for people who just need a tune up to keep their site looking great for users and the algorithm.
    ebook testimonial
    Khloe W.
    Owner & CEO


    Do you have some questions about SEO for Beginners – How to Harness the Power of Google for Your Business?  Here are the answers to some that I get frequently.

    This ebook is for you if you own, manage, or market for a small business. However the principles involved with SEO will work for any size website and any size business.


    Use it to create content for your blogs or simply to optimize your pages with SEO.

    SEO is a long-term strategy. But once you start to see the benefits of your work it is worth every second. 


    Typically it takes 3-6 months for established sites to see results. If you have a brand new site it can take a bit longer than that as well.

    SEO for Beginners – How to Harness the Power of Google for Your Business is sent as a PDF. If you need a different format you can email  maggie@maggiewritescopy.comand see if it’s available.

    It contains 50 pages of text and color infographics to help you understand as much as possible about SEO.

    Because this is a downloadable product refunds aren’t available. There is tons of value included in the book and I know you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. I’m also available to address concerns and trouble shoot a lack of progress via email or my free consultation call.

    You will receive access to every future edition published based on feedback from readers if you remain on my email list.

    I outline free and paid resources you can use to optimize your site. You can do it all for free… but it is a lot more time consuming and harder to keep momentum. 


    The paid keyword research method I outline in this book uses the most cost effective tool available and it is available as a LifeTime Deal (LTD) to help keep costs down. 

    You can always provide your marketing manager with the content so they can implement. It’s beneficial to understand the process so you know if it’s being completed properly.

    Build your long-term SEO plan today. So you don’t have to invest more money in Ads tomorrow.


    Ready to build your organic traffic and finally get the sales numbers you deserve? Don’t wait! Buy now and get started immediately so you can build up your site’s credibility with Google. I’m so excited to see the progress you make once you begin your SEO journey.