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    Maggie Writes Copy

    An SEO Copywriting Service

    For E-Commerce and Small Business

    SEO Strategy That Builds Your Online Presence​

    Heard of SEO? Whether you have or haven’t, I guarantee it impacts your online visibility. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the behind-the-scenes ranking factors that affect whether your site shows up on Google for your audience… or not.

    You see, Google always wants to make sure its users get the best experience on the search engine possible. This means if you aren’t writing and formatting your website so Google can quickly and accurately determine you bring their audience – and your audience – value… they’ll probably bury your site 10 pages down.

    And while SEO isn’t an exact science… after all, Google has never released their exact ranking criteria… It’s a safe bet that if you’re bringing value to your audience AND formatting it correctly for Google to read – Google will reward you.

    While this may sound simple, speaking to an algorithm and your target audience at the same time takes some skill. That’s where SEO copywriting services come into play.

    SEO Strategy

    Communicate the value you provide your audience… to Google.

    SEO for Marketing

    Communicate effectively to all three of your audiences.

    Track Results

    Adjust your SEO strategy based on how Google responds to your efforts.

    SEO for Marketing – The Three Audiences You Need to Impress

    When you’re writing to your audience, you typically need to grab the attention of two types of readers. But there’s another that’s just as important.

    1. Your deep readers – these are the people who will read and absorb every word on the page. They may even go back and reread to really make sure they understand your message.
    2. Your skimmers – these folks are going to jump around a bit on your page till something captures their interest. Headings, bullet points, decorated text, your copy – all need to grab their attention.
    3. Search Engines – Writing for search engines involves placing your audience’s key search phrases in the right places… both on the page and off the page.

    Without communicating effectively to audience one and two, you won’t make any sales. But your third audience can make or break your site. While missing out on one or two of your above readers would be unfortunate, it won’t affect your ability to reach others.

    That’s where I come in.

    An SEO Copywriter Who Drives Results

    Learning SEO takes years of study. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that you can just learn and retain either. Google is constantly changing its algorithm, just like the social media platforms do.

    They all want to make sure they’re doing everything in their power to satisfy their audience.

    Just like you do – just like I do.

    Hi, I’m Maggie – your favorite SEO copywriter. My main goal… getting YOUR website in front of YOUR audience… and then selling to them.

    This means continually staying on top of the latest news and updates where Google is concerned, so my strategy is always evolving.

    Just like you and your audience are.

    Let’s build you an SEO copywriting strategy that’s current and effective.

    SEO Copywriting Services You Can Count On

    Your website is the face of your company. So making sure your web copy is on point for Google AND your audience is important.

    It’s also the best way to rank your site. Every page and post on your site can affect your site’s SEO.

    SEO Copywriting Services Package 1 – web copy

    Is your site lacking both on Google and with your audience? If you aren’t getting the conversions you know your product deserves, this is a great starting point.

    Let’s build your SEO from the ground up.

    What it Takes to Write Great SEO Copy

    Let’s make sure the SEO copy I write for you is on point:

    • SEO audit: We need to know where you’re starting so we can see if we’re making a difference in the future. This will also drive some of our keyword research.
    • A kick off call: Let’s get clear on your goals and your audience pain points so we can talk directly to them while ranking.
    • Voice of customer research: from testimonials, social media, case studies, reviews. Let’s find out where your audience hangs out so we can learn what they want from your company.
    • Keyword research: Based on our audience research we’ll use advanced tools to rank your site for their top searches.
    • SEO optimized copywriting: Copy is all about connecting with your audience. SEO is all about connecting with Google. We’ll write and optimize for all three of the audiences we talked about above. Your copy is delivered in a Google Doc.
    • Professional copyediting: For those little details that slip past me, my copyeditor will catch them to really elevate the words written for your site.
    • 2 rounds of edits: I want you to be over.the.moon happy with your website copy. These edits are for things like brand voice, tone, accuracy about your company and business.
    • Formatting for search engines: Google looks for your keywords in specific places on the page. I’ll make sure they’re there without making your site feel robotic.
    • Royalty free images: That will really make your site pop. They’ll also complement the copy.
    • Metrics tracking: Guiding through Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup to track results. This is the only way to create and adjust future keyword strategies. We’ll also instantly submit your published pages for Google to index and crawl.
    • Backend SEO recommendations: all the techy stuff. Which keywords we’re targeting and where you should put them on the backend of your website to make a difference.

    What SEO Copywriting is Included

    4 pages of web copy:

    • Home page
    • About page
    • Service/product page
    • Contact page
    Bundle Investment: One time price of $2000

    Full service copy is available with backend uploading and support.

    *Not ready to invest this much in Website SEO yet? I get it. Let’s chat about which pages will most benefit your company and create a custom bundle. Or check out my DIY Copy (coming soon)…

    **My project minimum is set at $1000.

    Package 2: The SEO Monthly Commitment

    SEO isn’t a set it and forget it strategy. Google values sites that continuously bring value to their audience. This is why blogging is still relevant.

    This package is all about bringing that value.

    Benefits of Monthly SEO Copywriting Services

    Let’s get in front of your target audience and cement you as an authority in your space. Some of these benefits are the same as web copy. If it’s bolded it’s new.

    The steps to make this happen:

    • A kick off call to get clear on your goals and your audience pain points.
    • An initial SEO audit to determine where we’re starting so we know where we’re going.
    • blog topics based on your audience. To provide relevant news, information, and updates to your audience in blog format.
    • Voice of customer research – via testimonials, social media, case studies, reviews.
    • Keyword research – targeting searches your audience regularly makes to rank your site for the right things.
    • SEO optimized copywriting – written with all three of your audience’s in mind.
    • A content calendar with recommended blog post social media sharing timelines. The faster we get eyes  on your new blogs, the better they’ll perform.
    • SEO copyediting.
    • Formated for search engines.
    • Guiding through Google Analytics (GA) and Google Search Console (GSC) setup. We’ll submit posts to Google so they’ll be indexed faster. We’ll also track results.
    • Analyzing results and revising to rank your articles better.

    Writing fresh content regularly tells Google your site is valuable. Blogging is one of the best – and quickest – ways to increase your site SEO.

    The Details of the SEO Monthly Commitment

    • 2-4 industry specific blog posts written a month (2 blogs a month is considered the minimum recommended).
    • Royalty free images for each blog.
    • Backend SEO recommendations: meta description, title, URL, alt text for photos.
    • Tracking metrics on GA and GSC to determine what’s ranking. As well as submitting for indexing.
    • Adjusting strategy based on monthly metrics. *After an initial 3 months to give them time to rank.
    • 1-2 edits of previous blog posts based on how they’re ranking. *After the initial 3 month period.
    Investment: Bundles starting from $1300 per month.

    *Full service blog SEO is available as an add on. Get your blogs professionaly uploaded and all backend SEO completed to ensure maximum SEO benefits.

    **Blog word count starts at 1500 words per blog to maximize SEO capabilities.

    Custom SEO Copywriting Services

    Marketing isn’t one size fits all.

    Your company is unique with unique goals and needs. So let’s talk about your options.

    Different SEO Copywriting Services:

    • One-and-done projects – blogs and web copy Starting at $500.
    • DIY Copy – Just know you could do it yourself if you only had the framework? Check out my SEO E-book… coming soon: join my email list for updates.
    • Customized bundles – not seeing what you’re looking for? Let’s chat about your goals.

    Hop on a call discuss your specific SEO goals and come up with a plan.

    *My project minimum for SEO projects is $1000.

    **Bundles and retainer projects offer the best value. SEO requires ongoing work to see results.

    One last thing before you go...

    SEO takes time! You aren’t going to post a blog or two and immediately start ranking. It’s a long term strategy that pays off… long term.

    I don’t promise your blogs will rank immediately. No SEO specialist should make that claim.

    My promise to you is I want your copy to perform just as much as you do! So I put all my effort into making the finished product effective for both your audience and your rankings.

    I'm Maggie, Your SEO Copywriter and Email Marketer.

    quality copywriting service

    The brief overview – I’m a mom, ranch wife, animal lover, and SEO copywriter. My goal? To get you in front of your audience… and then help you nurture them.

    Unlike many, I like being part of the big picture. This means working on many pieces of your marketing funnel.

    My passion for SEO comes from my own failures in the past. I’ve been that small business owner who failed to reach their target audience. It’s why I want to help you today.

    I found I love to problem solve and find the unique combination and skillset that would bring me success. The same success I want to bring you.

    Let’s fine tune your website SEO and find the right SEO marketing strategies to bring you site traffic and conversions.

    P.S. In a rush? We all procrastinate occasionally. Let’s talk about my VIP availability for rush projects.