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    Maggie Writes Copy

    Full Service Email Copywriting and Email Marketing

    For E-Commerce and Small Business

    You’ve got the site traffic and you’re ready to nurture and build trust with your audience. But how do you set up your email list correctly?

    Email marketing often gets a bad rap. When done wrong – it leads to a disgruntled audience, unsubscribes, and a reputation for exploiting your customers.

    Making sales matters – but how you go about it can matter even more.

    Because at the end of the day, keeping a current customer costs less than going out and finding a new one. And isn’t your end goal to provide your customers with the best product and experience possible anyway?

    The good news is, there’s a way to nurture your audience and make the sales you need to accelerate your business success.

    Audience Growth

    Strategy that drives your audience to opt-in to your email list.

    Subscriber Trust

    Provide value right from the get-go and become the go-to site in your niche.

    Direct ROI

    Receive direct value in return after building trust with your audience.

    Boost Your Business With Full Service Email Marketing

    Let’s start with the basics – why does email marketing matter? In 2024, Email marketing can offer your business a Return on Investment (ROI) of $36 for every $1 spent. That’s an (average) ROI of 3600% 🤯

    When done right, email marketing will:

    • Create trust with your audience by giving them a deeper look into your company.
    • Give you direct access to your audience – no more algorithms holding you back.
    • Personalize your audience’s experience with your company.
    • Reward your engaged audience with special offers.
    • Build brand recognition with your audience.
    • Get you the authentic sales you’re looking for.
    Don’t let inexperience or lack of time hold you back from the benefits of email marketing.

    Done-For-You Email Copywriting and Email Management

    I know what you’re thinking – I don’t want to add another large time commitment to my already full task list.

    But you don’t have to.

    Successful email marketing takes time, know-how, and strategy. To get the results you need, you’ll have to continually tinker with your campaigns based on your metrics and results.

    That’s what I’m here for.

    Hi, I’m Maggie – I specialize in full-service email marketing. From setting up Opt-in forms that drive sign-ups, to writing, designing, and sending emails that create trust and get you conversions.

    I’m here to take yet another marketing task off your plate. Let’s dig in…

    Results Driven Email Packages That Also Drive Results

    Full-service email marketing is one of the best options because it allows me to really dig in, and learn your audience, their pain points, goals, and desires. I prefer to take over your whole project because it allows me to fine-tune your email campaigns, making them as effective as possible.

    I offer two different full-service email packages so I can meet your business needs and budget.

    Package 1: Build Your Brand Through Email Bundle

    The Build Your Brand Through Email bundle is our smallest bundle. It will slowly build out what you need for your email campaign. This is a great option if you have a smaller list, less segments, and run less sales.

    It is designed to create an email strategy that gets you most of the benefits of my high ticket package. It just takes more time.

    • An engaged audience
    • Prescheduled content
    • Personalized emails
    • Done-for-you emails – Write, design, strategize, schedule, deploy
    • Metrics driven campaign
    • Monthly metric reports
    • No tech headache on your plate

    Here’s the breakdown:

    Maintain your list hygiene: Help your emails land in the inbox rather than spam or promotions.

    Monthly content calendar: Build out a cohesive campaign that makes sense for your brand and your customers.

    Monthly maintenance on segments: Your audience gets the right emails based on their actions.

    4 email broadcasts per month: Stay top of mind with your customers and build brand loyalty.

    1 email sequence per month: Write, design, strategize, and activate. One sequence will bring tons of value to your brand.

    Update 1 email sequence per month: Let’s continuously make your email sequences more effective.

    Track results: Use analytics and metrics to drive future strategy. Learn what your customers respond to and adjust accordingly.

    Upload new subscribers: Gathering email addresses through a different platform and need them migrated? I’ve got you!

    Investment: $3000 per month.

    Package 2: Elevate Your Email Campaign Bundle

    Our largest package – get results through email faster and build more trust with your audience right of the bat. This bundle is for you if you have a large email list and a lot going on with your company. Larger lists require more segments and customization. This leads to more emails. This bundle builds on package 1 services.

    Here’s a brief refresher:

    • List hygiene
    • Content calendar
    • Segment maintenance
    • Track results
    • Upload new subscribers
    It also builds out your campaign a bit further with:
    • Custom optimization
    • More targeted messaging
    • More full service emails
    • Advanced ESP monitoring
    Here’s the in-depth look:

    Optimized email opt-ins: Continuous testing of placement, form type, and CTA till we get it perfect.

    Advanced audience research: Using advanced tools and tactics to learn what your audience wants, where they hang out, and what speaks to them.

    8 email broadcasts per month: With more broadcasts there’s more opportunity to segment and personalize further. Getting you better results.

    2 email sequences per month: Build out your email automation faster – don’t miss easy opportunities to reach your customers when they might need a nudge.

    Update 2 email sequences per month: Nothing is perfect the first time, right?

    ESP monitoring: Daily maintenance and upkeep of your ESP. Peace of mind that your emails are always working for you.

    Investment: $5000 per month.

    Custom Email Marketing Services

    Not everyone wants or needs full-service email marketing?

    Say no more. I also offer custom bundles based on your company’s unique needs.

    Different email marketing options:

    • One-and-done projects – broadcasts or sequences. Starting at $225/email.
    • Email copy deliverables – don’t want design or ESP management? Get your copy in a Google Doc and design/send it yourself. Starting at $175 per email.
    • Customized bundles – when you know exactly what you need and it’s not listed above. Let’s talk.

    Let’s discuss your specific email marketing needs and come up with a plan.

    *My project minimum for email projects and deliverables is $1000.

    **Bundles and retainer projects get the best value.

    I'm Maggie, Your Email Marketer and SEO Strategist

    quality copywriting service

    The brief overview – I live on a ranch, take care of my family, and write kick-butt copy that nurtures – and sells.

    I’d be honored to take over your email campaign and get you the results you deserve.

    My passion for email marketing comes from the possibilities it offers you right off the bat. There aren’t many outbound marketing strategies that can compete with email for instant results and metrics. 

    Unlike SEO (my other specialty) you can tell immediately in your email campaigns what resonates with your audience. And what doesn’t.

    Let’s fine tune your email marketing campaign quickly and drive great results for your business.

    P.S. Need a quick turnaround time? I get it, we all leave things to the last minute sometimes. Talk to me about my 🏃🏼‍♂️ VIP rush project availability.